The salon industry is one of the only institutions left that openly segregates along racial lines. This division has left the industry with a cultural blindspot that favors straight hair in an ever diversifying society. Additionally, Black stylists have been redlined out of education and are educated at a slower rate than their white peers. The lack of effort to collaborate has stunted stylists as our society becomes ever more diverse in culture and types of hair present.

Our education calls upon the power of collaboration to create an inclusive education library pertaining to color, cut, culture, diversity and inclusion, social media, photography, and more.


Keya is an ABCH certified colorist, educator, texture specialist, and founder of the Texture vs Race Collaborative, Kolour Kulture, and REPAIRations. Keya is actively repairing the racial divide within the salon industry through textured hair education and guiding stylists through their anti-racism journeys.


The Texture Vs Race Collaborative hosts two additional education divisions. The Allyship Division and the REPAIRations Division fill the education gaps left by our industry, which has ultimately split the industry along racial lines.

Black stylists are left out of the conversation and do not receive the same opportunities for education as their non-Black counterparts.

Meanwhile non-white stylists are taught to work with a single texture, typically straight hair, making them ill-prepared to work with curly/coily or natural hair, or to have the conversations that come with being in a multicultural world.


We are changing that through collaboration.


Our education library is constantly growing, with new training programs and classes regularly released throughout your time as a member.

Allyship Division

Begin your anti-racism journey with the support of our Allyship Division. Grow as an ally through diversity and inclusion coaching and learn how to navigate "uncomfortable" conversations surrounding race.


REPAIRations Division

Reserved for Black stylists, those in the REPAIRations division will receive additional equitable education with the goal to close the education gap between Black and non-Black stylists.



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Andrea Neal-Thiesen

"She brings educators together to teach all stylists how to do all hair regardless of curl pattern or texture. This work is so needed in our very segregated industry. I had the pleasure of taking a class from her right before the world stopped back in 2020 & she is a phenomenal educator. "

Jane Doe

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