Keya Neal is an ABCH certified colorist, educator and diversity advocate working to unify the salon industry after observing its deep racial division over her 27-year career. She is at the helm of the salon industry's diversity and inclusion movement, encouraging "uncomfortable" conversations surrounding race and hair texture. She is the founder of the Kolour Kulture, which birthed the Texture vs Race Curriculum. The Texture vs Race Curriculum was first presented at the ABCH Summit and has grown to tour the nation and hold its own annual national conventions. REPAIRations is our equitable education program, providing Black stylists with equitable education in cut, color, and styling from some of the industry's lead educators and brands.

Keya specializes in color formulation, emphasizing educating stylists to work with all hair textures. The science of hair and color is broken down, alongside racial and textural misconceptions, to a molecular level.



Black To Blonde
Keya shares her key steps that'll help you gain confidence in the process and techniques it requires to go from Black to Blonde, no matter the hair texture. Master undertones, perfect toning, and learn how to consider texture to deliver flawless results.

The Power of Toning
Now that you’ve lightened the hair, what's next? In this class we’ll cover how to create the tonal reflections you want to see and remove the tones you don't want. Toning is one of the most difficult concepts to understand, but carries  the most weight in your color outcome. Gain in depth knowledge on toner chemistry and color theory needed to make your blondes go BOOM!

The Language of Texture
Changing the negative connotations pertaining to textured or curly hair requires education in our areas of weakness before we can take steps to challenge the narrative. Learn how to understand and identify the various fabrics of hair, how to customize your consultation, and approach any hair type that sits in your chair with confidence Speak the Language of BLIND BEAUTY